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Public or Private Schools

This is the ideal program for those who are considering an immersion in school, daily life and in traditions of a typical Irish family. You will participate in day to day life with your host family, speaking in the local language, this is undeniably the best way to learn a language.


The success of this program will depend on the effort of the student – to learn English, a sufficient maturity to know how to adapt themselves and make the most of their stay. The resources are provided by us but the students efforts are the most important, their adaptation, interest and enjoyment are key fundamentals in ensuring that this year school program is a success and one of the best years of their life.


Ireland is an amazing place, full of contrasts, with an excellent education and lovers of sports. The power to enjoy a year in Ireland, will give you an important inner growth and it will open your eyes to new experiences that until now you haven’t been able to enjoy. You will make lifelong friends and you will integrate in a way that, when the time arrives to go home, you will not want to ( this usually happens)


The host families are carefully selected. A host family, is a family unit that can consist of a family with or without children, widowers or divorcees. The host family will give up a space in their immediate family for a new member, to whom they will provide basic necessities, moral support, much love and compassion especially if in the beginning you are out of your comfort zone.


The ages of students are usually between 12 and 18 years old.


"Mi hija Sofía ha estado estudiando en Irlanda Transition Year  durante el primer cuatrimestre de este  año, su familia anfitriona reside en Bray, y ha asistido a Colegio Público.

Ha sido una magnífica experiencia y muy positiva para toda la familia, para nosotros como padres, nos ha  servido para ver su gran capacidad de adaptación  demostrando  responsabilidad y madurez, la organización ha sido perfecta, su familia irlandesa ha acogido a Sofía como un miembro más de su familia y ella  ha tenido un gran crecimiento  a nivel  personal dando un salto impresionante en conocimiento y dominio del inglés.

En definitiva es una experiencia muy recomendable  que sin duda le ha enriquecido a todos los niveles. 


Rafael "



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