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Nowadays there is no excuse not to be bilingual. Being bilingual and being able to communicate in different languages will open a host of doors at work and in your personal life it will present the possibility of getting to know other cultures that will help you strengthen your personality, develop a reflective, critical and analytical character. Day to day this will make you more resilient and independent. You will gain autonomy and self-confidence


In a school year in USA, you will experience the famous community spirit first hand and you will take part in all events: weekly American football games and cheerleading performances, plays, parties and dances, immersion in student associations, club meetings, auditions and musical concerts, sports competitions and lets not forget the famous barbeques.


The ability to enjoy an academic year in the USA will give you an important inner growth and it will open your eyes to new experiences that until now you haven’t been able to enjoy. You will make lifelong friends and you will integrate in a way that, when the time arrives to come home, you will not want to ( this usually happens)


Depending on the type of school chosen: public or private and its situation, the host family that best fits the selected profile will be selected ( with or without children, oriented towards sports or cultural activities.


The ages of students are usually between 12 and 18 years.



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